The Bewilderment of Being: Resonance of Macedonio Fernández in the Latin American Fantastic

INTI, Revista de Literatura Hispánica. Número 87–88 (primavera–Otoño 2018). Forthcoming.

The Bewilderment of Being (click here)


Art: Pedro Cuperman’s headstone, by Pedro Roth


Journeys in Intersemiosis

Navigare necesse est,
vivire non necesse.

Notoriously protean, the term intersemiosis can be used to describe a wide variety of phenomena. Stretching it to its widest horizons, the notion suggests the interplay of all signifying processes, a tautology for semiosis. And yet, at the heart of contemporary semiotic research lies the critical distinction between different kinds of semiosis, which the age of ‘screens’ brings brightly to the fore along with the usefulness of a notion kindred to our times.

Theme photograph by Joseph Kugielsky

Inventio y montaje en Insurgentes. Ciclos formales en el cine de Jorge Sanjinés

Inventio and Montage in Insurgents: Formal Cycles in Jorge Sanjinés’ Films”. El Ojo que Piensa: Revista de Cine Iberoamericano — Nueva Época. 5/10 (Fall 2014): n. pag. Web. 7 May 2015. Peer-reviewed. 

(Journal published by University of de Guadalajara, Mexico, in collaboration with the Guadalajara International Film Festival, the most prestigious film festival in Latin America)

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